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Companion Therapy Laser

Dog treated with laserThe Companion Therapy Laser (CTL) is a phototherapeutic device used to alleviate pain and promote healing. The CTL is so effective because it has a powerful laser which utilizes a greater number of photons to create a higher power laser which allows it to penetrate deep into the muscle. The injured cells absorb these photons, resulting in an increased metabolic rate and increased circulation. As a result, healing is promoted from within the body. The laser comes pre-programmed with therapy protocols for:

The laser can be used for injuries, post surgical pain management, general lameness, soreness or a number of traumatic incidents. The CTL can also be a cost effective alternative to surgery and pain medications.

Direct benefits include:


We offer therapeutic pain management packages which include seven laser treatments. Through our experience, animals have enjoyed the laser treatment and respond well to healing that ensues. Please enquire with our staff for any more questions you may have or visit the LiteCure Companion Therapy Laser website at

Companion Therapy Laser